How do you dress up your kitchen?

This article contains a photo gallery of the new ‘dining’ room curtains and curtain accessories.For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been working on designing and testing new and creative curtains and curtains accessories to complement our kitchen décor.There are so many cool designs and ideas out there, and we wanted to take the time […]

Why do Americans love to watch TV?

The number of Americans who regularly watch television has surged in recent years, fueled by the growth of streaming services and the popularity of traditional cable and satellite channels.But how much of the time do we actually watch it?And is it worth watching?Al Jazeera investigates the phenomenon.

How to make the best curtains in the UK

There are many different types of curtains, some more colourful than others, and each has their own strengths and weaknesses.If you want to maximise the effectiveness of a curtain, you can choose between three different types.The curtain that is most commonly used is a curtain with a long, curved arm, which is more common in […]

Door curtain rod sold for $2,000 in ’80s

The $2.3 million rod that has stood for the past six decades in the White House garage is now up for sale in a Florida auction, marking the beginning of the end of a time in Washington when presidents used to have their own bedrooms in the Oval Office.In an online auction for the rod, […]

How to make the perfect kitchen curtains

The ultimate home decor accessory is an elegant, functional design.The curtains in our home were made from a variety of materials and colors.Here’s how to make them.1.Determine your decor budgetThe easiest way to gauge your decor costs is to simply look at the budget you’ve saved for decor.But if you’re really serious about the project, […]

What blackout curtains are you looking forward to?

A new study by The Washington Post and the University of Minnesota suggests that people may not like the new dimmer curtain, as much as they like their own dimmer curtains.It also found that some people prefer dimmer night lights to dimmer lights.Here’s what the new study found: “In contrast to previous research on the […]

Why Amazon is making a curtain bangs curtain bang

With Christmas coming up, many people are going to want to hang a curtain around their home, especially if you’re a family member or friends.But the curtain bang is the most commonly used curtain bang in the U.S., and there are a few options to choose from.Amazon is now offering a new kind of curtain […]

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