Which is the best gift for someone who is into fashion?

When the world’s biggest fashion retailer, Zara, launched a new line of curtain bangs for men earlier this year, many of the designers were not impressed with the quality and looked down on the price tag.

“This is going to be expensive,” one of them said, according to a report from the Telegraph.

“It’s not a cheap bang.”

Others were equally concerned about the quality of the materials used in the bangs and the fact that the bang would need to be “made in a different country”.

The designer in question is now working on a new curtain bang design that he hopes will be much more affordable and easier to make.

“I think it’s a fantastic product, and I think it will be something that will be very popular,” said the designer, who asked to remain anonymous.

“But I think we need to make sure that it’s really, really high-quality.”

The designer, however, is not worried that his curtain bang will not last.

“I think that when you look at these bangs, the quality is just really fantastic,” he said.

“They are made in a country where there are very high standards of construction, and they’re made of a really high quality material.”

The curtain bang maker said the bang will be made in “the best” factories in the world and will cost around £5,000.

The bang will also have a “very simple” design, which is why the designer has called it the “gold standard” in curtain bang manufacturing.

“The quality is absolutely amazing,” the designer said.

“We’ll have the best bangs on the planet, we’re not just going to use cheap plastic or cheap wood.”

The brand said that the curtain bang cost £5 to make, but only after the company took on extra costs to make the bang in the UK.

“We’ve taken on extra work, we’ve had to work with our suppliers to get them up to scratch, and now we’re really looking forward to making the bang,” the company said.

While the bang is expected to be available in the US, the curtain maker said it would be ready to ship the bang to other countries in the next few months.

“The bang will come out very soon and we’ll be rolling it out to other markets,” the curtainmaker said.

The company is also offering a curtain bang with a new colour scheme that the designer believes will appeal to both men and women.

“There’s going to probably be a very significant shift in the market as to who’s going after the curtain, and it will look really different for everybody,” he told the Telegraph, adding that he is confident the new colour is going “to be very fashionable”.

“I don’t think it is a surprise that this will be the colour of choice,” he added.

“It’s very masculine, and there’s a lot of people who like that.”

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