How to use the kids curtains and green velvet curtains to brighten up your home

Kids and green velvets are a great way to add a bit of color to a home.

They’re a great addition to the wall as well, and can be a great accent to decorate a room with a bit more flair.

They can also be a nice add-on for any decorating project, but for this DIY project, I used them to create a cozy and inviting curtain for the home theater.

The curtains are about 6 inches wide and the lights are about 5 inches in diameter, so you can use them to hang up a few bookshelves, or use them as curtains to decorates your living room.

The kids curtains are so easy to make, it’s not even necessary to buy the curtains you need.

You just need a little bit of wood, some scissors, and a couple of pieces of cardboard.

The cardboard is the most common material for the curtains, but I like to use pine or pine board.

Pine boards will keep them nice and clean, while pine wood is very sturdy.

You can also use white or black pine board for the lights.

For the lights, I chose to go with white LED lights because they’re cheaper, easier to get, and are more affordable.

You’ll need about 3 feet of pine or white board to make the curtains.

You’ll need:4 feet of cardboard (about 8 x 10 inches)3 inches of white LED wire about 1 inch longYou’ll also need: 2 feet of white plastic (about 6 x 4 inches)White LED lightbulbs about 1 foot longWhite plastic glue (about 1/4 cup)You’ll start with your cardboard and plastic.

First, cut the white plastic into a 1/8 inch thick strip.

Then, cut it in half.

Next, cut two lengths of white LEDs in half to form a half-inch thick piece.

The lengths should be about the size of a regular 4-foot long strand of white paper.

Now, attach the lights to the two ends of the white LEDs, leaving about 1/2 inch of slack on the ends.

Attach the lights in the same way.

Next cut the second piece of white electrical tape to the same length as the white electrical strip, and attach it to the ends of each LED piece.

Attach the lights as shown.

Attach your cardboard to the end of the strips, using white electrical wire to attach the ends to the cardboard.

Next, glue a 1-inch long piece of black plastic onto each end of each of the lights (or white LED strips).

Attach each piece of plastic as shown and attach the remaining ends of your lights.

Attach a 1 foot of white glue onto each of your white LED light bulbs (or a white electrical loop to each one).

Then attach the bulb as shown with the black electrical tape.

Attach both ends of one of your black electrical loop (the one on the left) to the lightbulb, and connect the two pieces of plastic together as shown (the lightbulbed in the middle).

Attach the two sides of the lightbed as shown, then attach the other end of one loop to the bulb.

Attach all four of your bulbs as shown to form the final curtain.

Now, it should look something like this:The colors are a bit different than the ones in the photo above, but you can make them pretty much the same.

You might want to change up the colors if you want to make a more bold or playful effect.

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