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With the recent announcement of the iPhone 6S, many of us are wondering how much better the iPhone 7 will be.

And now we have an answer!

A new study from the University of Texas has shown that the iPhone SE is now capable of producing a whopping 38 dB louder sound than the iPhone 5S.

And the difference in sound quality is so pronounced that the researchers say that “it can be reasonably argued that the sound of the SE is more refined and more accurate than the previous iPhone 6s models.”

The difference?

The iPhone SE boasts a 10% higher dynamic range.

It sounds almost as good as the iPhone 4S, with the same 10% dynamic range and a 60% increase in dynamic range, according to the researchers.

But you know what?

The sound of a iPhone SE beats the iPhone’s best of the best in our sound testing.

Check out the study in full: The researchers analyzed recordings of music composed by artists and bands with a total of 3,788 samples.

They used a range of different microphone positions and microphones, and compared the sound produced by the iPhone models.

They also used sound pressure levels to measure the difference between the sound levels produced by each of the iPhones.

The researchers used the data to determine that the iPhones 7, 8, and 10 recorded a total 13.5 dB more sound than those models with the older iPhone SE.

But we digress.

The study looked at the differences in sound reproduction between the iPhone S and iPhone SE, and also looked at different types of acoustic sensors, such as the Dynamic Range Imager (DRI) and the Dynamic Noise Sensor (DNS).

It’s the same sensors that you’ll be hearing a lot of from the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 Plus, and other upcoming iPhone models, according the study.

The iPhone 7 is equipped with two microphones that are used to capture sound from the sides of the ear, but this study also found that the headphone jack of the device was not producing the same amount of sound as the headphone socket on the iPhone 9 and iPhone 8.

So what’s going on here?

The researchers believe that the device’s microphones are not recording the same level of sound from both sides of your head, and therefore are not producing an accurate sound.

In other words, the sound is being produced by different microphones at different locations in the ear.

The scientists also used a variety of different acoustic sensors to determine how well the iPhone sounds.

This allowed them to test how much noise each device could produce.

The results showed that the noise floor for the iPhone devices was 10 dB higher than the noise level for the iPad models.

So, it’s safe to say that the 9S and iPhone 7 are producing a higher quality sound than their competitors.

But the difference isn’t necessarily noticeable, especially for the younger iPhone owners out there.

That’s because the iPhone is not only better in sound, but also more powerful and efficient.

The new iPhone 7 has a 10,000mAh battery that has more power than the 9 and 9 Plus.

That means it’s more than capable of powering your iPhone for longer periods of time, without overheating or being in constant use.

If you’ve got an iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, or iPhone X on your iPhone, it can easily take over 100 hours to charge up and go from zero to 100 percent.

And if you’re looking to recharge, you can even do it without ever plugging in the charger.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If all of that weren’t enough, the researchers also found out that the Apple devices are also able to generate better audio at higher volumes.

The microphones in the iPhone are much better than they were before, producing sound at a higher volume than those in the iPad, iPhone 7, and iPhone X. The only thing that makes the difference here is that the headphones on the iPhones are much larger.

The bigger the headphones, the louder they sound.

So even though the iPhone and the iPad are capable of reproducing better sound at higher volume, you’ll still need to upgrade to an iPhone or iPad with a larger headphone jack to get the full benefit of the new iPhone sound.

But in the end, you won’t be missing out on the best sound quality, either.

If the iPhone series is a staple for you, the 9, 10, and 12 series are your next best options.

You can get a better audio experience with a bigger and better headphone jack.

If that sounds like you, we suggest you consider the iPhone 12S, 12S Plus, or 13.

We also recommend you consider upgrading your iPhone to a bigger device with more storage space.

You’ll be able to upgrade these devices to a larger screen and more features, including a more powerful processor, faster RAM, and more storage.

The Apple device of your dreams may not be a flagship device, but it’s still worth the money and effort.

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