Door curtain rod sold for $2,000 in ’80s

The $2.3 million rod that has stood for the past six decades in the White House garage is now up for sale in a Florida auction, marking the beginning of the end of a time in Washington when presidents used to have their own bedrooms in the Oval Office.

In an online auction for the rod, the seller describes it as a white curtain rod with a black, white and blue front.

The rod has stood in the Washington, D.C., White House for almost 60 years and is one of a handful of Oval Office curtains that remain in the president’s residence.

The seller did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

A previous sale of the rod in 2013 yielded $1.7 million, including an auctioned-off piece by sculptor David M. Smith.

The Washington Post reported in March that the seller was interested in restoring the rod.

The White House has used the rod as a focal point for ceremonies and other events, including the swearing-in of Trump’s first child, Barron, in December.

The first curtain rod of this type was used by George Washington in 1794, when he was inaugurated as president.

It is the first in the Smithsonian’s collection, which includes 19 curtain rods, including those by Washington, who were placed in a museum cabinet.

In 2014, a separate sale of a curtain rod from Washington’s collection went for $3.5 million.

The sale came just two weeks after the president, a former president, was photographed with a curtain rods in his office, a moment that sparked criticism from some who said it was disrespectful.

In 2017, the president had a photo of himself with a small curtain rod on his desk in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

The president’s staff later released a statement that said, “the president has a history of honoring his family with a collection of family memorabilia.

This is the last of the curtain rods.”

The rod, however, is not the only one to go for sale.

A $500,000 curtain rod that President Trump gave away in 1981 sold for a record $7.5 to a collector in New York.

The price tag was a record high at the time, with buyers hoping to use it for a “special event.”

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