What blackout curtains are you looking forward to?

A new study by The Washington Post and the University of Minnesota suggests that people may not like the new dimmer curtain, as much as they like their own dimmer curtains.

It also found that some people prefer dimmer night lights to dimmer lights.

Here’s what the new study found: “In contrast to previous research on the relationship between night light exposure and sleep quality, our findings suggest that dimmer lighting is associated with reduced daytime sleepiness, but that this effect is less pronounced for the people who prefer dimming to dimming lights.”

The study included 6,000 adults and 7,000 children ages 6 to 17, and was published in the journal Sleep.

It found that those with the most exposure to nighttime dimming were also the ones who felt the most sleep deprived.

Those who prefer nighttime dimmer light were also more likely to say they prefer dimmers that have a longer “wavelength,” which is defined as a wavelength shorter than the width of the light source.

A “wafter” is the difference between the light that reaches the eye and the light in the eyes of the person seeing the light.

In this case, it was the shorter wavelength.

According to The Post, this study found that people who preferred dimming lighting had more night sleep problems than people who didn’t.

They also reported being more likely than others to have daytime sleep disorders, which includes insomnia.

“While the research is promising, we do not know the mechanisms by which dimming affects daytime sleep,” said study author Michael Purdy, an associate professor of psychology at the University at Buffalo.

“We do know that nighttime dimmers have been linked to increased daytime sleep loss and increased daytime wakefulness, which can lead to poor daytime sleep quality.”

People also reported less enjoyment of their time in bed.

They were also less likely to get the benefit of sleep.

“These findings are important, because they indicate that night light may actually lead to more daytime sleep deprivation,” Purdy said.

“It’s not clear that dimming reduces daytime sleep, but it does seem that it can have a negative effect on nighttime sleep.”

This is the second study to link dimming and daytime sleep problems.

In 2014, researchers found that dimmed lights and dimming can cause daytime sleep disturbances.

“This study demonstrates that night lighting exposure can lead people to sleep problems, and night light can lead them to sleep deprivation.”

The new study also found nighttime dimmed light can disrupt the timing of your sleep cycle.

For example, some people are more prone to insomnia if they sleep later than their circadian rhythm.


to The Washington Times, some studies suggest that people with insomnia are more likely for night light to disrupt their sleep cycle, but there is no evidence that night-time dimming is causing insomnia in these people.

This study was published online April 12, 2018. 

A study in the Journal of Experimental Biology found that nighttime lights may lead to reduced sleep quality in adults.

Researchers tested 2,890 people ages 18 to 74 for sleep problems at night, and their sleep quality was measured over the course of the day.

After measuring the participants sleep quality during the day, researchers compared them to people with the same sleep quality but dimmed night light.

Those with the highest night light levels were the ones with the lowest sleep quality.

“Although this study did not directly measure night light’s impact on sleep quality over the night, we did find that dimmable night light caused a reduction in sleep quality,” lead author Dr. James J. Sperling told the Journal.

“If night light is affecting sleep quality at night it could be affecting the timing and duration of sleep.”

The researchers said the findings support the idea that dimmers may lead people toward insomnia and daytime problems.

“Our findings provide evidence that the effects of dimming on sleep duration are likely to be more pronounced for those who are less susceptible to sleep disorders than those with insomnia,” Dr. Sverdrup said.

It is unclear how long nighttime dims will be allowed to last, but they may be considered “safe” when they are not allowed to be in use during daytime hours.

This is just one study to look at the relationship, and there is likely to have been others.

“Night light may have a positive effect on sleep and health, but we do know it has a negative impact on daytime sleep.

There is little information about the effects on daytime wake quality, but this study has suggested that this may be the case,” Purdy said.

The National Institutes of Health has more about night light and sleep.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more on daytime light and daytime issues.

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