How do you tell if your kids are getting too close to the pool?

Posted October 15, 2018 06:29:53 The pool and shower curtain that’s already been built into a house or apartment could be used to help keep kids safe when they’re close to a swimming pool, a research team from the University of Melbourne says.

The research team is calling for more research into the effectiveness of curtain curtains to prevent injury to children in swimming pools.

The curtains are used to protect children from pooling water, such as in the case of pooling at a swimming venue, or when the curtains are open.

When children are exposed to the curtains, they can absorb more of the water and potentially get hurt, the research team says.

Key points: Researchers say curtain curtains are being used to prevent injuries to children who are swimming in pools or pools of waterThe research team suggests curtains may not work in all cases when the pool is closedThe research suggests curtains should be used only if the pool’s closedWhen children are not at the pool, the curtains would be more likely to be used in conjunction with a water-skiing or swimming class, to protect against water splashing into the pool.

“It may not be ideal for kids, but for swimming, you can’t be certain whether they’ll be at risk,” Associate Professor Matthew Higgs said.

“The curtain is also an important component of the pool barrier.”

Researchers at the University’s School of Social Work and Health Psychology said they found the curtains were working in many cases.

“In the vast majority of cases, curtain curtains can reduce water splashes by a small amount, if at all,” Associate Prof Higgs explained.

“There is little or no evidence of an adverse effect when curtain curtains were used in combination with water-skimming classes, for example, but we found that curtain curtains may increase the risk of water splashed into the swimming pool.”

“Curbans were not tested in any other settings, and the curtains could have adverse effects if used in public settings, like bars or restaurants,” Associate Dean of Social and Health Studies, Lisa Fong said.

“In the case where curtain curtains did not work, the curtain curtains should have been used with a different curtain, preferably a separate one that would not be exposed to water splash.”

The research also found curtain curtains could not protect against the most common forms of injury to young children, such a head injury.

Research has shown that curtains are the safest barrier in use when children are in a pool, while curtains may reduce injury to the eyes.

The curtain curtains have been tested in a number of settings, including swimming pools and swimming lounges, and in the vast number of cases that they did not reduce injuries.

But it is not yet clear whether curtains are safer than other barrier types, or whether they can be used without harming children, Associate Professor Higgs added.

For more information on how to protect yourself, or if you have any questions about the research, contact the University.


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