How did we get here? From the early days to the end of the season?

When the NHL announced its new collective bargaining agreement, it was clear that many players felt that their wages were being undervalued, but that was only part of the story.

The NHL had been spending big on new arenas, new equipment and other major investments, and many of those deals were being put in place while the players were still getting paid.

So, what did the players really want?

The players want an increase in their salaries, which is the main reason for the lockout.

In reality, the league had decided that it wanted to make the salary cap rise, and that’s why it’s taking a hit in the new deal.

It’s been that way since the start of the lockout, with the league and players getting together to try to come up with some way to make up the gap.

The biggest problem is that players have been paying a fair share of the difference.

The salary cap is the maximum amount of money the league can spend on a player in one year.

It has been $73.5 million in the last two years.

That figure includes the cap-hit from the new CBA, which was set to be $76.5 in the next two years, but because the league has had to spend $3 billion to try and raise the cap, that number is still under $70 million.

The cap-cut is the most significant component of the new agreement, and the NHL is hoping that players will be able to agree on an increase that is acceptable to them.

The players will not agree to it because the NHL will continue to have to pay players based on the cap instead of their actual salary.

That’s why they’re asking for a new contract that doesn’t include a salary cap increase.

The big difference between the old and new agreement is that the new one is structured to be a long-term deal, so the new players will get a significant bump in the coming years.

It would have been easier to reach an agreement if the players had had the same amount of control over their salary, but instead they’re being asked to do a little bit of work to get to that point.

The new deal is a long one, and while it includes the CBA’s increase in the cap from next year, it does not include a cap increase until 2021.

There are a couple of other important points to note, including that the current deal includes a $6 million payment to players who play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and players are only guaranteed a payment of $3.5 to $5 million per season, not $4 million to $6.5.

That means that players who are playing in the playoffs and aren’t making as much money as the cap would normally require to be compensated are still getting compensated for that.

There’s a lot of talk in the media about how the new contract would change the way the league is run, but there are actually no major changes to the league’s structure, and even the league doesn’t seem to be looking to change the structure.

The only major change to the CAB comes in the form of a new “management agreement” that will be announced this coming weekend.

That agreement is likely to include the CPA, and it’s likely to be the same one that the NHL has been negotiating with the players.

There is no indication that the league plans to change anything about the salary-cap structure or its current structure, but it is expected to give the players more control over how they’re paid.

In addition, the NHLPA wants to see some changes in the way players are paid, but no changes in how the salary is calculated or in how many players make it.

That said, there are a few changes that the union is looking to make in the management agreement.

First, the current CPA will be replaced by a new one that would be set at the same rate as the current one, but would allow for a salary-gap adjustment.

This is because the current agreement includes an allowance for players who earn less than $7.5, but the salary would be adjusted based on how much more they make.

This would make it easier for players to make it to the salary limit and still get a deal.

But this would also mean that players earning $7 million or more would get paid less than players earning less than the $3 million limit, which would be a bit of a problem for the union.

It also could affect how much a player makes, since the salary range would be higher for players earning more than $8 million.

A second change the union would like to see in the CFA is that it would allow players to negotiate more on the salary floor, which the league already allows.

Players who earn more than the cap but less than their actual salaries will still be paid the same as they are now, so players earning under $6M per season should still be able get a raise.

The league has been paying players based solely on their cap hit, so a

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