Brassy curtain rods can boost your salon’s look

Brassy curtains and curtain rods are a big part of your salon décor.

Here’s how to make them look fabulous.

1/4″ (15mm) brass curtain rodsThe most common curtain rod style is a 15mm brass curtain rod.

It’s the same length as your curtain rod holders, but they can be used with a wide range of lengths.

You can buy them online or from a local hardware store, but the length is usually less than 1.5″ (25mm).

They’re available in a range of colours and sizes, and can be bought from furniture stores or online.

The most common length is 3-5″ for men, but a 15-20mm curtain rod is also possible.

2/4″ (15-18mm) curtain rodsAnother common curtain-rod type is a 4″ (10mm) diameter curtain rod, or 1.25″ (4mm) for women.

They’re also available in different lengths and colours, and are also available online or in hardware stores.

The length of a curtain rod depends on how much you want to make it, so it’s a good idea to research the length of the rod you’re looking for.

3/4″-5″ curtain rodsFor men, a 4-5 inch (10-14mm) (1.5-2cm) curtain rod works well for many purposes.

For example, a 15.5 inch-long curtain rod can be attached to the ceiling or walls.

If you’re planning to decorate the ceiling, it can also be used to make the look of a large wall of glass.

4″-6″ curtain rodThe most popular curtain rod length is 4″ in length (12.5mm), but the width of a 4″ curtain rod varies depending on the length you choose.

A 4-6 inch (12mm) rod is more than the diameter of a standard curtain rod holder, but is still about the same size.

5″-7″ curtain-rodsA 5-7 inch (14mm-18.5 mm) curtain- rod length for men is generally the best choice for many of the same reasons as a 4.5″-6.5″ (13.5–15.5cm) rod.

You’ll also want to check out some of the other curtain- rods out there.

Some of these also have a 5-6″ (14.5 cm) diameter, but it’s the 5-8″ (16.5 –20cm) length that is most commonly seen.

6-8″ curtain RodsYou can also get your curtain rods shorter and wider.

This is especially useful if you have a large ceiling or wall to decorating needs.

A 6-10″ (18.25-24cm) (2-3cm) diameter is the standard length for women and for men.

7″-10.5inch (18-21.5.5CM) (3-4cm) wide curtain rodsIf you’re interested in buying a curtain-riding, curtain-holding, or curtain-ring accessory, you’ll need to be careful with your choice of curtain rod and its attachment.

This can be particularly tricky when you’re using accessories that will be used on the floor.

We recommend choosing the longest curtain rod you can afford to get a proper fit, so you don’t need to go through the trouble of trying on a few different sizes and colours.

Here are some suggestions: For men, consider choosing a 6-6.25″ (17.5, 20, 25cm) thick curtain rod for a more natural look, and a 3.5″, 4, or 5 inch (7cm-10cm) for men and women.

This will ensure the rod won’t stick out or be a problem when you wear it on the wall.

For women, look for a 3-4″ long curtain rod (or a 5.5″) for a less noticeable effect.

For men and for women, if you’re not sure what type of curtain you’re going to use, look in our selection of accessories and accessories for men that will work with any size curtain rod available.

If the length isn’t available online, you can also look for it in a local furniture store or online at an hardware store.

8″-12″ curtain ropesThe length of your curtain- rods will vary depending on how you plan to decorat the ceiling and walls.

A 16-20″ (42cm-64cm) tall curtain rod will work for a wide variety of purposes, but you’ll also need to check whether it’s available in other lengths.

For most women, a 16-19″ (38cm-44cm) long curtain rope is the best option for a curtain roasting, but there’s no guarantee it will work on the walls.

For many men, an

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