Why the cost of a shower curtain has gone up: The cost of an antique curtain has increased from $3,000 to $25,000

It used to be a bargain.

Now, it’s more than $25 million.

The price of an old curtain is now $1,000 more than the average price of a new one.

The curtain used to cost $20,000.

Today it’s up to $50,000 or more.

A new curtain can be more than twice as expensive.

And a curtain that’s been sitting in a closet for a year or more is now nearly twice as costly as a new curtain.

It’s all about the profit margin.

The new cost of the curtain is more than five times higher than a similar curtain purchased in the 1950s.

The cost is largely driven by an old-fashioned “faucet” style, which is what many buyers associate with old-timey-looking shower curtains.

And the cost has jumped dramatically since the 1980s.

For a $1.25 million curtain in the 1920s, it was nearly $500,000 today.

And that price has risen by more than three times, to more than 1.5 times the cost in the 1980-90s.

Some of the new cost comes from the need to add a shower head to a bathroom that now has a built-in shower curtain.

The old shower curtain also had to be replaced, as did the shower curtain that came with the house, as well as a lot of old clothes.

That cost added up.

And it could have been a lot worse.

The big change in price The biggest change in the cost comes in the last few years.

The average cost of old curtains has more than doubled, to $4,000 from $1 million.

That increase in cost has driven up the prices of the cheapest old curtain.

A curtain that costs $10,000 now costs $45,000, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

The $20-plus price tag on a curtain from the 1950’s has nearly doubled to $30,000 and that number is likely to rise, according a research firm.

Even a curtain sold for $5,000 five years ago can now cost as much as $80,000 in the new market.

The rising cost of curtains can also be attributed to a number of factors.

For starters, the cost is a function of the type of curtain that was used and the materials that were used.

But also, the curtain itself was built differently in the past.

In the 1950-60s, a curtain was built from a solid piece of wood, a piece of leather, a metal, or even a piece that could be cut out of a log, according the National Archives and Records Administration.

In addition, the material used to make the curtain was often more expensive than the materials used to build it.

In many cases, the materials were much more expensive.

This has also made it harder for consumers to find bargains.

“The big question is what’s going on now, and what’s driving the price increase,” said Scott G. Shafroth, the director of the National Center for Home Construction at George Mason University.

“What are we doing to make sure that we’re not being hit hard by the boom in this industry?

“There’s a lot more of people in the market and there’s a market of builders and contractors that want to offer a good price. “

It’s a very good time to be in this business,” Shafrot said.

“There’s a lot more of people in the market and there’s a market of builders and contractors that want to offer a good price.

There’s a huge demand for the products and services.”

Many of the people who buy curtains have very good intentions.

They want to keep the curtain looking and feeling as good as possible.

But many people who are in the business are not interested in keeping the curtain as nice as possible, Shafroth said.

They are interested in making sure that the curtain looks as good and as functional as possible for the home they’re building.

Some are trying to make money off the curtains.

Shapiro, who has been in the industry for more than 25 years, said he’s made $200,000 off the sale of his curtains.

He said he also made about $50 million off the curtain that comes with his house.

But he also said that the prices that he and others have seen have come with the territory.

For example, a new shower curtain with a high ceiling, like the one pictured here, has an average price that’s about $1 and a half million, according it the National Directory of Home Improvement, a website that compiles information about home improvement projects.

And many of the prices quoted on websites are inflated.

Shacrots wife bought a curtain for $250,000 last year.

It was a piece from a car wash, he said.

But she used the curtain to hang curtains for her home and it was still very expensive.

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