Is there a best blackout curtain?

If you want a perfect blackout curtain, the best one we know of is the one in the book, “The Book of Blackouts,” by Charles B. Johnson, a New York Times bestseller.

The book was written by the late author and former editor, William H. Macy, and it has sold more than a million copies.

The curtain is a light and breathable white material that allows you to keep warm during a blackout.

Here’s how to make one.


Clean your walls.

If you’ve got a dark room, get rid of the old paper towels, cardboard boxes and newspapers that clutter the room.

Instead, buy a light-up paper towel.

Put it in the corner of the room, facing your door.

You’ll notice that the towel won’t stick to the walls.

This is a sign that you’re putting your curtains up correctly.

This will make the room appear more welcoming.


Buy two or three sheets of curtain paper.

These sheets of fabric will last for about two weeks.

You can get two sheets for about $5.

(If you want more, try two sheets of white fabric.)

They’re also easy to sew.


Cut out your curtain paper pattern.

If your curtains are old and faded, you can buy old curtain paper at thrift stores and online.

Make the pattern out of a simple line of letters and numbers.

Make a pattern of three letters and a three-digit number.

If the pattern is too long, cut the pattern into smaller pieces and stitch the pattern on top of each other.


Cut the fabric.

If all of your curtains have the same pattern, cut it out into strips of fabric.

This way, you won’t have to trim the curtain paper to fit the room when you want to change out the curtains.


Tie off the end of the curtain.

When you cut the fabric, it will hang loosely from the wall.

It should look like this.


Use a zipper to fasten it down.

Using a zipper allows you the ability to easily pull the curtain curtain from the window.

If it’s too tight, you might want to trim it down to fit.

You may also want to tape the fabric to the door, window and ceiling.


Sew the curtain into place.

For the most part, you’ll want to make the curtains as small as possible.

This means the curtain will fit tightly around the door or window.

This makes it easier to reach.

But if the curtains are too long or if they’re too loose, you may want to use a zipper.

If not, use a sewing machine to sew the curtain back together.


Attach the curtain to the curtain rod.

Sewing the curtain up is a lot like sewing a curtain, except you’re going to use your hands instead of a sewing needle.

So you’ll need to put a few staples in the end so the curtain won’t fall off.

Make sure the ends are straight, and then fold the curtain down in a circular motion.


Cut up the curtain rods.

The easiest way to attach a curtain curtain to a curtain rod is to cut up two strips of curtain rod and sew them together.

You will then attach the curtain on the curtain’s side.

When the curtain is attached, the rod will stick to your door or the curtain itself will hang from the ceiling.

If one of the curtains has been worn, just cut off the excess.


Change out the curtain shades.

Once you have the curtains all lined up, it’s time to make a curtain shade.

This can be a little tricky.

First, choose the right shade.

If there are only one or two shades of color in the room and the curtains have all been washed, you need to choose a shade that won’t make the darkness in the dark room seem too dark.

If so, you will need to cut the curtain and tie it down again.


Change the curtains to the new shades.

Change one of your old curtains to a new one, leaving the old curtain rod hanging and the old curtains and curtain rod together.

Tie the curtain around the rod, so the curtains don’t fall away when you switch shades.


Add the curtains back to the curtains that you have.

Once the curtains start to hang, it may take a little longer to switch shades, so be patient and be patient.

It will happen.


When it’s done, make the curtain ready for use.

You should be able to put the curtain shade on the door frame and put the curtains on the curtains next to each other, so they don’t hang out in the way they did when you first got them.


Add a curtain.

To put the shades back on, take the curtain from under the door and tie the curtains around the rods.

Put a couple of small staples in each corner, then tie the rods and curtain rods together.


Adjust the shades until you get the desired shade.

The shades may have a little

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