iPhone XS Max review: An iPhone that will please, but won’t kill you

Apple’s latest iPhone X, the most expensive iPhone ever, launched this morning with a $1,499 price tag.

While the XS model includes a new OLED screen and a new metal design, there’s one notable difference between the X and the Xs Max.

The XS has a gold shower curtain.

“The X is a more comfortable phone,” says Mike Bostock, a product manager at product marketing firm Bostocks, in an interview.

“It has a larger battery, more power and more memory.

There are more apps to manage, and you can put your favorite music or video on the watch.

You can do more with the phone than you can with the X.”

Bostacks points to a more elegant design of the iPhone X and an increase in battery life.

“The X has a much more streamlined design that you don’t see on many other phones,” he says.

“Its an incredibly powerful phone.”

A Gold shower curtain on the iPhone 8 Plus, right, and an iPhone X with a gold trim.

Apple introduced a gold-trimmed iPhone X in November.

The gold iPhone Xs, which are available for $999, feature a metal back, a glass back, and a glass edge.

iPhone X owners have been getting their hands on a gold iPhone 8 since the new iPhone launched.

Bostocked says that gold iPhone models tend to be more expensive, but he’s skeptical that the iPhone line will ever get back to its former glory.

“I think gold would be a good choice,” he adds.

“But gold is only available on a limited number of iPhone models.”

Apple’s iPhone X is now available for preorder at Apple stores in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Apple has also rolled out a limited run of gold iPhone accessories.

Bountyship.com has already taken preorders for some of the gold iPhone cases and iPhone chargers, and there’s a gold charger available for purchase on Bountieshop.com.

Apple’s own gold iPhone case is available for a limited time on Apple’s website.

Bostocks says that the gold-plated iPhone X has been in the hands of buyers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe for a long time.

But the company’s own Gold iPhone X Plus has been available in stores in more countries for years, so there’s no reason to expect a mass market launch of gold iPhones anytime soon.

Busto.com’s Peter Bostocker says that if Apple can pull off a gold phone, the company should consider launching a silver one.

Bostic also says that Apple should consider a silver phone with a metal chassis, though he’s not optimistic that a silver iPhone would ever see mass market.

“If they are going to make a silver, they should do it with a premium case,” he said.

“Silver is not as premium as gold.

You have to pay extra for the premium metal.”

Bostic’s prediction is that Apple could launch a silver-plasted iPhone in 2017, but that would be years away.BOSTOCK’S NOTE: This story was updated on August 10 at 12:17 a.m.

PT with a comment from Apple.

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