When does the curtain go up in the shower?

When does your shower curtain go down?In the shower, your curtain is a key element of how you control the temperature of your water.The amount of water that is absorbed by the curtain depends on how much of the water is used by you and how much comes in through the window.The water that comes […]

How to Make a Shower Rod for Your Bathroom Wall

When you want to make a curtain rod that you can hang above your bathtub or bedroom curtain, you don’t need to look far.Here’s what you’ll need to make the most of this simple piece of fabric.Fabric for the curtain rod.You can use any fabric that is wide enough to cover the entire bathtub and […]

How to Choose Curtain Rods to Curtain Your Home

Curtain rods are not for every home and are often only used for curtains in specific areas, like the living room or dining room.The same goes for door handles.In these cases, you will want to choose the right size to fit the wall, the angle, the type of light, and how much space you want […]

How to make bamboo curtain rods for your bathroom

A bamboo curtain rod is a type of curtain rod, with a handle for the back of the rod, which can be folded and used as a footrest.Bamboo rods can be used to create a wide variety of designs.Some use the rod to create decorative panels or decorative furniture, while others create a narrow bamboo […]

‘Halloween’ season of horror is finally here

4FourTwo The next big thing in the horror genre is coming up this Halloween.The big release is ‘Haunting Hill,’ the upcoming horror film that will be directed by the talented and prolific Scott Derrickson.The film stars the legendary David Ayer, who will be playing the title role, along with an array of other horror legends […]

Curtains at the curtain store at curtain store opening at 6pm

Curtains have opened at the Curtains Track at Curtains Store, which opened on Friday night at 6.15pm.The Curtains track is an indoor track in the heart of Brisbane’s inner-city CBD.The track is accessible by public footpath and there are toilets and a shower room.“We’ve had great support from the community, who have been great to […]

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